At Maltese Groom on Facebook we had a LIVE interview with Veronica the Owner & Founder of Always Bright Eyes.

She shared with us about her products, Always Bright Eyes, grooming products. You have probably seen Always Bright Eyes, tear stain removal kit. I hear about people having tear stain issues, and standing on the feet standing on the beard, things like that. And so I just wanted to tell you that this is the exact same company. They produced all their own products and they have been breeding Veronica will tell you a little bit about her history, and why she created these awesome products and I have them with me I’ve been using for Maybelline, and I can’t even tell you they are phenomenal. They are very light. It’s not a real heavy product. So we’re going to bring her on.  The purpose of this live was to launch getting the public to get in the loop about this incredible product line that they’ve created.
The owner of always Maltese Veronica:

Oh, wow, I’m not one to you know, the best thing about our experience with maltese is the maltese themselves honestly,  they are just such a precious breed. You know, I fell in love We fell in love with the way they looked cuz they’re so gorgeous. I mean, they’re otherworldly, you know, they’re just such a unique breed with the long non shedding white hair. So I fell in love with the they looked but when I I want them all toI could not believe how sweet they are. So, you know, it just started a lifelong journey. And I wouldn’t do it any other way.

So what year what year? Did you actually start in multis?

Wow, that’s gonna date me a little?
Well, it’s your expertise. You know, that’s why you guys have amazing products is from you years of experience. So I think it’s important for your consumers and our viewers to know just how long you and Alan have been at this. Yes, Alan and I started, I believe we had our we got our first Maltese in 1995. Wow. On the right at 25 years ago,
and you know, we have definitely had a lot of experience working with the code,
not just the code of multisite, but of a white breed as anyone who owns a light color? Or a white blue knows that there are definitely some special challenges to keeping them looking like you really want them look. Yeah, it’s definitely a high maintenance breed. And I think
right not just Maltese, but you know, there are a lot of white Yes. And pillar breeds that that have difficulty you know, maintaining that nice show white appearance. It’s so true and even cats white cats, right? So you know, the grooming of white cats.
Um, so you guys created the first you created always bright eyes because obviously tear stain is a big issue for people. I know that a lot of people it’s the number one grooming question you get. And the product is phenomenal. It takes less than maybe five minutes to apply. But it has great results. So why don’t you talk to us? You can’t You can’t you created that product first.
And it’s just had rave reviews and
and you know then you guys created your grooming line so we’re going to talk a little bit about that. I will share my experience first what I like about it is just that it it doesn’t turn the coat blue the way some heavy thick whitening shampoos do and it’s very light as far as lightning but it is a whitening product. So talk to us about that. Yes, um you know, we took everything into consideration when developing the new products. Would you like me to talk about the new products? Yes. Okay. Yeah. But you know, after we develop the tear stain product, which has been just amazing and that was course out of need, I mean,
25 years. I’ve tried Probably everything that anybody else has tried. Yep. And then some you know and of course we’ve worked very hard to breed the the tendency towards standing out but still you still like you know experience
all that has to happen is your is your baby’s eyes water to create the moisture in Spain so you know it happens from time to time with any light colored pad. So absolutely and then then you have the staining on the feet and the face and the beard and that’s why you guys created this super whitening face wash. Yes, yes, that’s kind of our concentrated whitening formula that is you know, it’s good to use on those heavily stained areas but I would put that all over the whole coat. You right my little bit of lavender, huge afterwards but you know, all of our products are designed to work together. Like, honestly, layer upon layer, like the tear stain product. If you don’t have a problem with tear stain, then that’s wonderful. You don’t don’t have to worry about it. But the shampoo
upon Bambi slip and it’s okay. There we go. But the shampoo is, um
I, I tell you I cannot. Alan and I are completely blown away by.
I know that’s weird to say but we are, you know, first and foremost. We’re looking for product for us.
Alan? each time that we went into the development stage, the
It has to be better than anything we’ve ever used. Wow. Or there’s no point. Exactly. And that we spent the time we took years literally in the development of each one of these products. And so far everyone that has used them
are kind of, you know, very impressed. So I’m excited for more people to use them. You know, social media is such a fun thing these days. Everybody likes to share their babies, you know? Yeah. And you don’t want them to have the yellowing and the tears and they have all these products all address so many different issues. Correct. So you have the whitening now, you know, typically if somebody wants to maintain a longer coat or get out, you know any mats, then you have the miracle This super silky, which is amazing when I apply it the pump you don’t need hardly any at all. And it Riley does a good job at the matting and just helping with I noticed the blow drying goes very quick as well when I use it. So talk to us a little bit about that. We actually developed miracle Miss before we did the shampoo and conditioner.
There was such a need. I mean, the coat of the Maltese is long, silky thick.
And we’ve been using the miracle pistor a couple years, at least several years and I could not live without it when I bring my babies I mean it. Let me tell you about the whole system. I’ll start with the first thing would be the clarifying shampoo. Okay, what this That is it cleans, it really cleans.
It clarifies that’s why we called it clarifying and whitening. Okay because like
so many coats can have build up. That’s right it is the staining on the coat is buried underneath a layer of build up then nothing is going to you know, so first we want to get the coat really clean, get rid of all you know a lot of shampoos and conditioners contain silica types of silicone and wax. As you can imagine if the coat if the hair shaft is covered in lacks, you know, you’re not going to be able to do much with that. It gets kind of sticky, it gets sticky and causes madding Right, exactly, but the clarifying shampoo it cleanses
is all that build up out of the code and prepares it for each next step. Wow. And you’ll feel you’ll feel it when you wash. When you wash it and rinse it, you’ll feel how clean it is. It’s clean, and then the conditioner is able to penetrate the shower.
And you’ll feel the hair will just turn into silk in your hand. It does. It does. It’s so true. So I mean it’s really exciting. I mean, I’m as excited about these products is anyone you know because I love my babies and I want them to look as good as they can. So do they do the products need to be diluted? I know on the bottle it says it’s, you know what you choose to do? What have you found?
Well, um the shampoo is very it lathers amazing.
You know, you really don’t need much once you get getting them on the coat, add some water, you’re going to find that it lathers like crazy. So it’s going to last forever. The conditioner, you know, you want to, it depends on the length of the coat. And, you know, on your dog, how much coat they have, how much you’ll need to use also the condition of the coat, right? So if you have a coat that has a lot of matting or you know typically mats more than you might not want to dilute it correct.
Right, exactly. And and each product is you know, can be used like the miracle mist. Not only works great as a leave in conditioner. It’s amazing as a flat iron spray. Oh, yeah. Do you learn the code it will work to protect from heat damage and you’ll be amazed so for people that show or like to keep their dogs, you know coat very straight and silky.
The the mist works great for that. It really does. And you know whether you blow dry the coat or flat on the coat, you will you’ll be amazed like if you if you don’t flat tire and if you just blow dry the coat and blow it like spray a little miracle mist on there when the coats damp and then blow dry. It will look like the hair has been straightened. Yes. And I like I was saying it seems like it’s sped up the blow drying process. And I’m not sure if there’s an ingredient or if it’s just the high quality conditioner. But I was just really amazed. And I just used a regular pen brush and it did an amazing job. So glad you like why did we can’t wait till more people try it. Yes. So that kind of overviews the person
products and what I’m doing is the people that joined our event they will be entered in a free giveaway of a kit. And the kit is normally you know, $64 which is actually a $20 discount when you buy it as a set. Right. So that is awesome. So, we will add a link. Let’s go ahead and see if there’s any questions from our viewers real quick. Sure.
Um, it says here do you need bright eyes if you use the face wash?
Yes, they do work in different ways. I mean, the face wash alone
can help.
But if you’re having an ongoing tearing problem, you’re really going to need the bright eyes to the tear stain product to get that under control.
You know, otherwise you’ll just you know, you may help with the face wash and then just have an ongoing problems. So
would definitely recommend the tear stain product. You know, in addition to the face wash, right, I think that they’re,
they’re both great products, but different purposes. Exactly.
So let’s see what other questions we have here.
Hi Kimberly. It’s looks like Kimberly wood says she’d love to try the miracle mist. It’s amazing. It goes on very light, which means it’ll last a long time. Right? So when you spray that’s a very fine mist. last a long time. Right. And something I want to mention with the miracle mist if you rush your pet in between baths and grooming up, let me get my bag.
If you brush it’s, it is so
Good for dry brushing, you just look at a little mirror and you’ll be amazed if you have Matt in the coat. Go ahead and concentrate, spray a little extra on those. You’ll be amazed at how much how you can get max out without losing coat. Of course, careful and know what you’re doing. Yes, you know, you have one and you don’t want to lose your baby’s coat. You know it really, really works.
It says Will you have your show products at the Houston dog show? Do you have any distributors at different locations that carry your product?
Not yet. We’re looking into that. Okay. So they can order it online at always bright eyes calm. Yes. And Carrie, you can get it through Carrie
how to do that she’s Yes, I will put up the link later for you guys to order and I’ll be doing some giveaways in the future as well. This won’t be our only one and we will
We’re excited. We want to get this product in the hands of as many, you know, for baby parents, you know, these are dogs to us. You know, they’re really like our children. You know, our clients. Our homes are like family to us. their babies are. I mean, they are. They’re like their children. They’re spoiled and pampered and they sure we just love being able to help.
Yes. And honestly, I think there’s always tons and tons of products always coming out. But I love that you guys have the experience and like you said, you’ve already been using this for a year plus, on your own dogs and you even use it on your own hair. Is that correct?
Yeah, I wasn’t sure if I was gonna mention that. But honestly, um, I think it’s great. I think it’s great ronica because it’s just
shows that it’s human grade. And it’s
beautiful here. So the product is amazing. Oh, it’s a mess. Now I’ve been I was nervous about the interview. So you know, I’ve been running around like a
horse in your arms right now.
This is heaven on this in the blue. No. And me, they’re two of my little princesses.
And they both use all the products. They’re both moms. So I keep their hair and fulco Wow, hello, they have puppies and have litters. So that that kind of shows you being able to do that. That’s amazing. As you know, I used to be a breeder for about eight years. And usually when they have litters, their code changes and the babies are crawling all over their hair and chewing on her hair. And so just the fact you’re able to keep them in code, it’s amazing. It really is.
helps you know every little bit helps and it is possible
Yeah, so it says I’m excited to get this kit I only get paid once a month How long will the kit last so in these different steps I know it’s all variable you know based on various on people’s use. But if you’re growing me once a week once every other week how long do you think it will last?
Well for one pet
that’s gonna last white a while. Yeah. Honestly the face wash will last you forever. It just it takes a tiny bit. See this Veronica liquid Sandra said she said I would totally try it on my own hair. See? All right. Now I’m going to touch on that if, if we’re going to go there, I do have to brush because I’m my hair is a mess right now but I do have like, hip
Hip link no hair. Yep. And you know I mean I struggle finding products. Absolutely. My daughter has long hair, same thing. You know it’s just it’s tricky to find a good product. Right once my hair got to a certain length, I had to start buying very high end products you know to be able to keep and I have switched to exclusively our products. I use the shampoo, the conditioner, the miracle mist, I don’t use the face wash
yet but you don’t have a lot of tears thing.
Honestly it’s amazing because the the shampoo cleanses the hair. The condition or, I mean, they all work together I had it’s better than the high end human grade shampoo conditioner from using it is better. And while our daughters are using it, we have friends that you know, we just awesome during the velopment process and now it’s like anyone who has used it can’t be without it. So I might try it on mine because my hair is highlighted obviously. And it just, it just gets very dry from using products. Like you know, I peed on my hair and stuff. So I have to give it a try. You know, and it does have some Gosh, the word slipped my mind. Optical brighteners though. I mean, for blonde hair, it does that helps brighten it. I mean, I’m not telling you to use it on your own hair, but you know, yeah. So let’s talk about some, just a couple of the ingredients.
First of all, they smell very, very good. Okay? Like you guys, the smell is amazing on all of them. Okay, now the one from least smelling is the face wash. That one’s pretty mild. Right? Well, we don’t want you know, anything, any kind of fragrance or perfume to get right up near the eyes. True, you know, that’s part and every factor has been considered in the development. You know, because if you put fragrance in that that’s going to get in the eyes and cause tearing. So that’s so you have you have natural ingredients. Let’s talk about some of them. I can’t say the letter A a walk a whopper Whopper he I would have to make a walk movie. Yeah. And then you have yokka Blue melva coconut. I love coconut.
It’s amazing in different forms.
So you have silk protein extracts and here ginger. It’s just amazing because there’s no bleach there’s no peroxide. Absolutely none. No no parabens or silicone. Oh that’s awesome. And something that you’ll find so many products that we’ve used over the years.
Will that are supposed to silk in the coat and I won’t yeah name will leave the coat oily. It will attract.
This is not like that at all like right when when you’re finished, your your big coat goes completely clean, non oily. It actually helps prevent you church tangling and matting because it helps with the cuticle.
It really is amazing.
So this person is a beer is asking, do you use it on the eyes and not on the beard? Actually Vera? I think it’s for the beard, the feet, things like that. The face wash can definitely be used on any
areas that have, you know, extra staining like this. See the beard? Definitely. Right? Make sure and rinse well afterwards because it does have a little bit of the extra brightener in it. So is it safe for puppies? I saw the directions Yes, for six weeks and older it’s tear free. It’s safe, right? Oh, yes, definitely. I know it would be because you guys love your your Maltese, like your babies. I mean, I wouldn’t expect anything but the best so yes, it’s safe for puppies. And let’s see, what else do we want to talk about?
That’s a great questions. Lots of people excited on here. Oh, I’m so good.
I it. I would love to hear feedback before and after pictures. Yes. You know, to reach out to me on Facebook, Instagram. Yeah. Or our Instagram that I’m most active on is are always multis Instagram. I have always bright eyes, but I’m just kind of getting it up and go and so be right me.
Do you apply the miracle mist wet and dry too? So can they use it so they would use a both?

Yes, I will apply a little bit right after towel drying the coat so that it can be blow dried in and then I will apply just a little bit before a flat ironing and I’m going to do that awesome and no build upon it does doesn’t get a build up how when you use it every day or not at all. Not at all.

If you buy the kit, which is all four steps, and they do send you a brush as well to apply it, then you will get a $20 discount when you order it as a kit. And it’s it’s made in the USA. It’s sent and they should have it in a few days, huh? Yes, yeah. I can’t hold all four steps but you get the idea.
Typically two days from two days Nice. Yeah. I’m also a
right now I believe we’re running a $5 off deal on Amazon for our tears, the always bright eyes tear stain for 99 never met and you want to grab it at a little bit of a discount. You might okay.
Awesome. Alright guys, and you know, feel free to share this if you guys are in groups. There’s an awful lot of Facebook groups for multis and different groups. So share this video and also contact either
One of us if you have any questions or you need the link to send us a message, and I just want to thank you again tell Alan I said hello and we will talk to you soon. Have a great evening, everyone. Maybe next time he can join us. Yes he she
nominal. All right. Have a good evening for joining us. Bye